Memorial Day 2017

2017-05-29 01:47:28 by NostalgicNerd94

Wishing all fellow NGers a very safe and happy Memorial Day.


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2017-05-29 02:21:07

No Memorial Day on my country, but still thanks.


2017-05-29 02:21:09

It is important to honor the fallen, who gave their lives then, so that US citizens can rest easy today.
Too few prioritize remebrance these days.

I visited Arlington National Cemetary in October 2015. Took the metro there, went to the Kennedy family tomb, then the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier. I was fortunate enough to witness a veteran ensemble.
A group of 12-15 old men, in wheelchairs for the most part, sat and watched the "ritual" of the flower decoration placement. All the spectators around, end everyone else, was completely silent.

I then walked out of the south exit, and to the Pentagon a short walk from there. Gazed upon the 9/11 monument, then went to the Theodore Roosevelt Island in the Potomac.

Anyway, thoughtful Memorial Day to you, too!


2017-05-29 21:37:48

Cool, thanks!


2017-05-30 00:23:21

thanks it is good