I lied!

2017-05-14 20:39:00 by NostalgicNerd94

Okay! So, I kind of did lie about having my internet back at my house. What happened was last Thursday, my grandpa had a guy over at my house to install a new A/C unit for my entire house. What happened is that both my grandpa and the A/C guy turned off all of the electricity at my house to prevent themselves from being electrocuted. I mean, nothing wrong with that. But by the time I got home, my internet connect would not give me access! That's bullsh*t! So anyways, I'm still going to be using the inetrnet over at my grandparents' for social media, NG, what not. Yes, I'm still working on and submitting new drawings in the art portal, but my work over at my house is now limited. Hate having this kind of crisis! :(


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2017-05-15 06:32:32

I forgive you :)
What are you gonna draw next?
Want some suggestions?

NostalgicNerd94 responds:

No suggestions needed. Coming up with other things. Thanks though. :)